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Work at Friends Camp 2020-11-18T20:12:01+00:00

Interested in working at camp in 2021? We’d love to talk!

Camp jobs are difficult, exciting, fulfilling, challenging, fun, and inspiring. For our ten week summer season, we look to hire about thirty people. One-third to one-half of our staff are returning staff each year. Please feel free to ask questions about working at Friends Camp at any time– you can reach Anna, Friends Camp Director, at (207) 877-4302 or by email at To apply to camp, you will need to fill out an online application that will take you an hour or two (link below). If you’re not ready to do the full application, but you’d like to learn a little more and connect with no pressure, fill out this Google form and we’ll be in touch! 

If you would like to apply to be a counselor-in-training (also called Rising Leaders), please visit this page on our website. You will register for camp as a camper first.

A Little Bit about Friends Camp

Friends Camp is a small Quaker (Friends) youth camp located on China Lake in South China, Maine. The focus, polices, annual budget, and program direction of the camp are under the care of a Friends Camp Committee that is appointed by the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.  Friends Camp staff members and youth campers come from diverse religious, geographic, racial, and economic backgrounds. Because of our diverse camper population, Friends Camp makes a special effort to hire counselors and staff of color.  While it is not a requirement for counselor or staff member to be a Quaker, we do ask all staff to be comfortable with Quakerism and with Quaker values. Most essentially, we ask that our staff commit to seeing the goodness (or Light) in every person.

  • At Friends Camp, we practice the Quaker values of community, equality, integrity, peace, & simplicity.
  • We are a youth camp with a unique atmosphere of tolerance and love where special friendships develop.
  • All members of our camp community try to see the Light of God in everyone.
  • Our interesting, creative, non-competitive, and fun activities help young people grow into healthy and responsible  adults.
  • We seek socio-economic diversity by providing affordable tuition and camperships.

It is not our practice at Friends Camp to preach Quakerism, but to live the principles that represent the Quakerism.


We need people who can be fully committed to the responsibilities of the job of being a camp counselor or staff member. Honesty, maturity, skills and creativity are high on our list for young adults we are looking to hire. Being a counselor or staff member can be difficult or exhausting at times, but (in our opinion) it is the most rewarding and important summer job you could have.

2020 Positions

Counselors/Activity Leaders (minimum age 19)
Many counselors are also lifeguards and drivers. Counselors lead programs according to their own interests and talents. Counselors form the heart and soul of each camper’s experience at Friends Camp, so we look to hire positive role models who enjoy being with children and teenagers. Counselors also need to be highly creative and contribute to all programs, regardless of their specialty. To apply, you must be 19 or older by the summer months. We also prefer staff members who have lived away from home for at least a year or who have otherwise demonstrated their independence. Other ways to demonstrate independence include regular employment and outstanding references.

Kitchen and Maintenance Support Staff (minimum age 19)
Kitchen support staff help the cooks as well as the maintenance director at camp. At Friends Camp, these support people are known as “Super People.” It is helpful if you have experience driving and a driver’s license, and you are over the age of 21. Super People at Friends Camp also help out by supervising campers for an hour or so every day and deliver snacks (making you a favorite among campers!)

Head Cook (minimum age 21)
The head cook at Friends Camp makes sure that meals are out on time, are prepared safely, and are delicious. Experience in a kitchen and with supervising are important, but so is work ethic, creativity, and intelligence. We have the support of former camp cooks as “consultants” to help with meal planning, ordering, and training as needed. Housing is offered, but living at camp is not required.

How do I apply?

Please use the CampMinder online application and complete online links for three references. Please, no peer or relative references. If you are qualified, the Director will interview you by phone/Skype or in person. If you have any questions about the application process or about Friends Camp, please feel free to contact the director.

Staff Orientation

The orientation is an important training, learning, and bonding week for the counselors and staff. It is week for us to start to build our camp staff family, to learn about Friends Camp programming, to learn about the needs of the campers, and to prepare the program areas. We will also share skills, develop the programs, practice safety procedures at camp, and review policies. If you plan to apply to work at Friends Camp this summer, please be available for the full nine weeks.  THIS SUMMER All OF THE COUNSELORS AND STAFF WILL STARTING WORKING ON JUNE 12, 2020 and WILL END WORK AT CAMP ON AUGUST 16, 2020 at NOON.