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Friends Camp Policies on Personal Property 2017-05-21T22:58:37+00:00
  • Campers, parents, staff and guests are not allowed to use drugs, alcohol* or tobacco on the Friends Camp property or in camp vehicles. The Camp Director can and will authorize the search of cabins, vehicles, bags, trunks, suitcases and other enclosed items or areas to look for any suspected drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
  • Campers, staff and guests can bring and use sports equipment in accordance with Friends Camp guidelines.
  • Campers, parents, staff and guests are asked to park vehicles in designated areas and to obey Friends Camp speed limits. Campers who bring a vehicle to Friends Camp will be asked to park the vehicle in a designated area and to leave his or her keys in the camp office.
  • Campers, parents, staff and guests are asked to get permission from the camp director to bring an animal onto Friends Camp property. Animals that arrive at Friends Camp during the drop-off or pick-up times must be on leash or kept in a vehicle. Service animals will be allowed on the Friends Camp property and in all of the camp buildings. Animals that are on the camp property for more than a few hours must be free of disease and owner must present certification of a current rabies vaccination.
  • Campers, parents, staff and guests are forbidden to have a weapon at Friends Camp. With special permission from the camp director, the use of small knives and hatchets for specific tasks will be allowed at Friends Camp.
  • Parents and guests are asked to please use cell phones in a private manner, moving away from buildings and away from other people. Campers are not allowed to use or have cell phones on camp property. Counselors are to keep their cell phones in the camp office or in a vehicle. Counselors will be able to use cell phone during their time off and in the camp office.

* Spring and Fall Rental Groups with permission and with proper insurance will be able to use alcohol for special events.

** Please note that West View Cottage on China Lake, adjacent to the Waterfront, has a separate set of rules that are somewhat different from this list of guidelines.