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Top 10 Reason to Work at Friends Camp

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Friends Camp (as told by the summer 2018 staff) 1) You know your work matters because impacting campers is so important. It feels like even the little things you do help people. 2) Bonding with people from all over the world and creating lasting friendships with fellow staff members. 3) Your bosses and coworkers care about you as a whole human and value the things you are good at. 4) The food rocks. Bagel Tuesday, anyone? 5) Stretching your creative boundaries—if you can come up with a program idea, you can usually make it happen. Alien invasions, bottle rockets, the list is endless. 6) A summer job where housing and food are taken care of for you. We even do your laundry and take care of basic first aid. 7) Summer in Maine can’t be beat. The weather is lovely and there are lots of beautiful outdoor and culinary adventures to explore on your time off. 8) Emphasis on Quaker values—everyone contributes to the community and adds something unique and valuable. 9) It is incredibly motivating to be trusted and appreciated by campers! 10)Develop skills that will help you in any career: teamwork, planning, thinking on your feet, communication and more. Employers love to hire former camp counselors because they are dedicated, creative, and caring. To apply to work at Friends Camp fill out our online application

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What Is The Waitlist Process?

Some of our sessions for 2019 are waitlisted. We are glad there is so much enthusiasm about attending Friends Camp this summer, and we are also sad that not everyone who wishes to attend will get the chance. We do take several campers off waitlists, up until the very start of the session. Unfortunately it's impossible to predict exactly how many spaces will open up for a given session. Below is our waitlist process: If you wish to be on a waitlist for a session, you need to fill out the brief camper application. You'll know the session is waitlisted because it will have a red hourglass next to the session. The system will collect credit card info from you (unless you select "pay by check," but you will NOT be charged a deposit for a space on the waitlist. Campers are taken in order as places open up, although sometimes a space will open up only in a boys or a girls cabin depending on enrollment numbers. As soon as a space is open, you will be contacted by phone and email, and you will have 48 hours confirm that you would like the spot. If you do not confirm within 48 hours, we will move on to the next person on the list. No deposit is due to remain on the waitlist; you will not be charged unless your camper is enrolled. Please feel free to call Anna (207) 445-2361 at any time to check your status on the waitlist or to ask questions about our process or our camp. She will be very happy to talk with you! We really do take several campers off the waitlist for a given season. We [...]

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Impacts of Friends Camp: Throughout a Lifetime

Earlier this month, Friends Camp received a gift from a first-time donor. When I spoke with the donor to thank her for her gift, she shared that she was inspired to give after hearing her children, nieces, and nephews (all in their 20s and 30s), speak about the impact of camp in their lives over the holidays. These adults were reflecting on how their sessions at Friends Camp fostered in them creativity, understanding, and confidence. This conversation inspired me to share a few thoughts about what a few impacts of a session at Friends Camp can be: 1. Growth in confidence. Going to camp is a challenge. You are living in (quite close) community with many other young people. You have to leave your cell phone at home. You might not have a good friend you already know at camp. Facing this challenge and having an amazing time at camp can make a camper more willing to take on the next challenge that comes their way, whether it is starting at a new school, trying out a new sport, or even going off to college.   2. Young adult role models. Camp allows teenagers especially to make connections with positive young adult role models. Did you see this recent article in the NYTimes? The headline is "Students Learn from People They Love," but I think it could also be "Campers Learn from People They Love." Our camp staff are young adults hired for their desire to help campers grow into the best people they can be and trained in the practice of doing so. Let's face it: camp counselors are cool in a way that the other adults in a teen's life struggle to be. And [...]

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New Deposit Policy for 2019

November 1, 2018 Dear Friends Camp Family, Registration for the summer 2019 sessions is officially open. In some moments, this feels like a remarkably fast turn-around from the 2018 summer, which is still glimmering and fresh in my mind. At other moments, I know that June will be here before we know it. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in early registrations for camp and sessions that have become wait-listed due to high demand. We are honored and delighted that so many campers want to be a part of the Friends Camp community. Early registrations for camp also pose a few challenges for some camp families. A challenge of sessions filling up earlier is that it may come as a surprise to some families. “It’s April, and camp is already full? Wow!” To help manage this challenge, we’ve added an availability indicator on the Sessions and Availability page to let you know about how full sessions are. And, of course, if you are a returning family we send you plenty of emails if you aren’t signed up for camp yet. I even try to call and let you know when sessions are filling up if I haven’t seen your camper’s registration come through. We know that families make summer plans at different time and that many factors influence when you sign up for camp. One factor we do NOT want to limit early registrations is financial restrictions. As a result, we’ve decided to change our policy on deposit refunds this year. Our previous policy required a $300/ session non-refundable deposit at registration. For winter cash flow, it’s important for us to receive these deposits. However, not wanting this amount to be a barrier, we’ve [...]

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Camp is all about the little moments. Watch a video of some 2018 summer moments!

Summer camp is all about the little moments we share. This past summer, we added up 1 or 2 seconds of video from every single day and put it together. Enjoy! Thank you to our 2018 Summer Staff for recording the soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogPwqtlYhT0

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Introducing a Counselor-in-Training Program

We are excited to announce a counselor-in-training program, called Rising Leaders, at Friends Camp in 2019! Why: The goal of this new-for-2019 program is to provide an enriching experience for some of our oldest campers who are interested in youth work, Quakerism, and leadership. The three main goals for Rising Leaders will be: To explore a deeper understanding of Quakerism and the way it shapes the Friends Camp community. To gain knowledge of personal strengths and how to use these as leaders. To plan and lead fun, creative, and safe programs for youth ages 7-12. Who: This new program for 2019 will have limited spaces for campers who are 17 or who have already completed their junior year of high school. All participants will have been Friends Campers in the past, and an application process will determine acceptance. We are looking for Rising Leaders who love Friends Camp, want to learn how to be a better leader, and who are ready to consider others’ needs as well as their own. When: All Rising Leaders will attend two weeks of camp during Jones Session (Sunday, June 23- Saturday, July 6). Some additional online learning will be required before the summer. How: Interested campers should sign up through CampInTouch with their parents’ help, just as they would for a regular camper session. (Do not register as a staff member applicant). After signing up, application materials will become available. Find details of the application timeline below. Cost: This program will cost $350 per participant. You are encouraged to apply for campership funds through CampInTouch if your family cannot afford this amount. To learn more about how to apply and frequently asked questions, visit the Rising Leaders page on this website!

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Stay at Friends Camp during the Common Ground Fair!

Common Ground Fair: Lodging at Friends Camp! Every year, Friends Camp opens up for lodging and meals during the Common Ground Fair. For an affordable price, we offer a bunk to sleep on as well as dinner and a continental breakfast. Staying at camp means you'll have a chance to make new friends and get to know other Fair visitors. It is about a 25 minute drive from Friends Camp over to the Fair. We'd love to have you stay with us! Learn more and sign up here. Check out some photos of our cabins and bathhouse below.        

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2019 Session Dates

Already planning for next year? Go ahead and mark your calendars with our 2019 camp dates! Jones- Both Weeks: June 23- July 6 (ages 7-12) Jones- Week 1 Only: June 23- June 29 (ages 7-12) Jones- Week 2 Only: June 30- July 6 (ages 7-12) Mott: July 7- July 20 (ages 10-13) Rustin: July 21- August 3 (ages 13-17) Fell: August 4- August 17  (ages 13-17)

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