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Art Sale Fundraiser 2020-09-03T18:41:06+00:00

As a final event for our Flock Together Campaign, we are pleased to offer a print sale of works made by two Friends Camp staff alums. Friends Camp has always valued artistic creation, and many alums point to their time at camp as important in their inspiration and in their creative journey.

We will be offering 8x10in art-quality prints of artwork from Lily Wright (former camper and camp counselor) and Maggie Nelson (former camper, camp counselor, and Meetinghouse Director). By purchasing these camp-inspired works, you will support both Friends Camp and Lily or Maggie. 50% of the proceeds from these purchases will support Friends Camp, and 50% will go directly to the artists. We are so grateful for Lily and Maggie’s work on these, and we are excited about this fundraising collaboration.

Check out the works on offer below. A single print (shipping included) is $30, you can get the Maggie set OR the Lily set for $60, or all 6 prints for $100. We have extended the deadline for orders from September 1st, 2020 to September 11th. Place your orders today!

First, select your favorite art-quality 8×10 prints. Single prints are $30 each. A collection of 3 prints (the Lily Collection or the Maggie Collection) is $60. The entire collection, all six prints, is $100. 

Next, place your order. Use our regular online donation form that you can find on this linked text. Enter the appropriate dollar amount for your order. Then, in the “leave a comment” section, enter the title of the print(s) you want, or “The Lily Collection,” or “The Maggie Collection,” or “The Entire Collection.” If you have questions, or if you want the prints mailed to a different location than your billing address, please email Anna at